ASS: News

Wrote a long rant on the various features we want implemented far in the future.
There has been absolutely no work done since the last update. We'll see if we can't get something started in a few months.
Work has grinded to a halt again. A rewrite from scratch has already been started, though, so consider all previous code, screenshots, etc, as ancient and deprecated. Unfortunately it is the new effort that actually has grinded to a halt. Now, a new effort to get development started again has just recently been initiated. A new developer has joined our ranks, and he might be able to breathe new life into the project.
At revision 121. We can now use Lightwave 3D objects directly, amongst other things. There's no flying around them yet, though...
Hey! Version 1.0 ready for download!!! Months and months of hard, intense work has finally paid off... Nah.. I'm pulling your leg. There is absolutely nothing to release. We have started on a new and clean codebase, and we're concentrating on the space-part and a homegrown 3d-engine.
9 months later we still have no v0.1, but we can't blame the weather for the delay this time. We have made a lot of progress on A.S.S. during this time; however we feel this source-tree isn't fit for release to the world. Both the server and the client sources have reached a point where it's easier to start from scratch than to change the sourcecode into something more expandable. It is now time for reprogramming... We have already started work on the next server, but it will not yield sourcecode for some time yet. Because of this we have decided not to drop development of the current client and server prototypes. They will be used for testing out new features etc.
While we are getting closer to a release of v0.1, it looks like we won't have it ready in July. A shame really - We blame the weather... :) Hopefully it will get worse so we can sit infront of a 'puter for more than 5 minutes at a time before melting. As we said in the news-section on Sourceforge we have recruited two modelers who'll have the responsibility of making the objects in A.S.S. We have also recruited a musician who'll make the music and sfx of A.S.S. More on this later.
We have finally found a networking library that suits our requirements, i.e. working. :-) We implemented some client-code in the A.S.S source and made a small server that accepts connections and receive x/y-coordinates from the clients. When we get the physics-engine we'll be able to put out version 0.1 to the public - hopefully within July.
Another annourncement: Grim-beaper has become the 3d-objects developer for A.S.S. His purpose in life is now making ships, spacestations and other stuff for A.S.S. :)
Screenshots 1 | 2 | 3 of A.S.S. The boxes a the bottom are: FPS-gauge, object-info, radar, and - ahem - a logo. The planets are just for testing purposes, and are not aligned as they should - and will - be.
It appears like the 3d-people have finally found and settled with an engine they think is good enough. OGRE - allthough it's still early in development it seems to have the qualities necessary for A.S.S to be what it's supposed to be. A game set in a MASSIVE universe. An effort is now underway to merge the 3d-code with the networking-code. After that has been completed we'll merge the factory and the trade-code. Then we'll have something to release. :-)
A new and improved effort to actually START developing A.S.S has been launched. Allthough this project has been started many times at several different angles we hope that we'll get it off the ground this time.. :) We have gathered all the different sources in one place which will make it easier to collaborate. The sources aren't directly usable for anything, but they might contain usable parts. The 3D-engine people have looked at yet another engine. The others shake their heads in disbelief. :) Hopefully we'll be able to standardise on SDL.

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