A.S.S: Ancient History

The development of the C codebase has catched up to and surpassed the C++ codebase. Simple ship/spacestation buy/sell cargo algorithms, as well as solarsystem/object-factory routines have been made. The team is now also working a separate server and client routines and client-server communication.
Minds change quickly. After some months of programming the team switches BACK to C. The team is confident the new codebase will catch up to the C++ codebase shortly.
While reprogramming A.S.S in C we found that C++ might be a better language after all. It may be hard to implement A.S.S the way we want without C++'s many features. The effort has again switched to C++. Bits and pieces will probably be programmed the C "way" to speed up the start of the project.
A new effort to get development started again. This time we'll start out in C with the intention of switching to C++ when we need to. This enables us to focus on what we need to program instead of how to program it. The project has been divided into several parts, or prototypes, which will be developed independently until such time they are fit to interface.
The documentation we have written, including some long rants (need some^H^H^H^H^Ha lot of cleaning), will be released shortly. Prototypes of the various areas (3d modeling, multiplayer, trading-system, player-code, ai, server-server comms, galaxy construction, storage etc.) are under development and will be released when they are finished. Expect some changes on this site as well.
The release of a v0.001-test1 is imminent. Any time now! Watch this space! <This space for rent> Any minute! Don't go away now, you'll miss it! <Drink KaBooze! 96%> Just seconds away! The files are being copied onto the server right now! It's gonna be here soon, I promise! Just refresh, and a link will appear! Do it again, it's gonna be there. <Vote Bean!> Are you sure you refreshed? It may be loaded from your cache. Try again!
The v0.01-release has been delayed somewhat because of yet another rewrite. It seems like Wine won't run COBOL-programs while tilted 45 degrees (Celcius). A Farenheit-approach is being attempted. The coders Boogie and Solo weren't available for comment.
Stuff is happening. A v0.01 is to be expected within just a few days. The project is experiencing another rewrite from scratch. This time to COBOL with a touch of Win32 Perl running through Wine.

The old download-page went something like this:

There isn't much source to download right now. We are currently in a mixed planning/early source stage. <RANT> We do have some bits of code, through, but they need to be converted from C++ to BASIC - which we feel is the gaming-platform of the future. This is really hard since the C++-code is somewhat complicated (none of us really understand that arcane language..) and required that we write a new interpreter that can handle the massive amount of comments (/* */ and //) for example. The idea of using Microsoft Visual Basic as the platform was rejected because, well, none of us knew how to use the wizards. The interpreter is being developed using a combination of FORTRAN for speed and ADA for portability. Code is written using punch-cards. </RANT>

When the conversion is done we'll put the bits on SourceForge. (LSB first)

We'll get back to you when we have something that actually compiles... ;-)

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