ASS: Downloads


There isn't much source to download right now. We are currently in a mixed planning/early source stage. <RANT> We do have some bits of code, through, but they need to be converted from C++ to BASIC - which we feel is the gaming-platform of the future. This is really hard since the C++-code is somewhat complicated (none of us really understand that arcane language..) and required that we write a new interpreter that can handle the massice amount of comments (/* */ and //) for example. The idea of using Microsoft Visual Basic as the platform was rejected because, well, none of us knew how to use the wizards. The interpreter is being developed using a combination of FORTRAN for speed and ADA for portability. Code is written using punch-cards. </RANT>

When the conversion is done we'll put the bits on SourceForge. (LSB first)


UPDATE: Bah. The screenshots below are all from ancient versions of A.S.S. Coding has started again from scratch and no grapics are available yet.

ASS Pre Milestone 1 - New recode. Ditched OGRE. We have now a 3D-engine developed in-house.

ASS v0.0.43 - Earth and the Sun. New skybox, faster startup-time and better framerate.

ASS v0.0.27 - Skybox (not showing very well on this picture).

ASS v0.0.25 - Five planets and the sun.

ASS v0.0.23-1 - Two planets.

VSVM models

(Models of C++-classes, not spaceships or spacestations ;)

The VSVM models aren't relevant anymore as the sourcetree these were developed for has been discontinued.

Here's a link to the class model made with Visual Studio's Visual Modeller (VSVM). We've also made some pictures of some of the classes and their relations. You should be able to view the class model as a text file from within your browser. It's not very readable without the VSVM.

This is only a draft, suggestions are very welcome.

assmodel.mdl - Visual Modeller model.
map.jpg - Screenshot of map-related classes.
ship.jpg - Screenshot of ship-related classes.
slot.jpg - Screenshot of slot-related classes.
weapon.jpg - Screenshot of weapon-related classes. Developed by The Geekhouse An ERRORS Production A.S.S Support This Project