ASS: Development


The currently active developers are: Bjoern-Are Ysteboe and Bo Goeran Kvamme.


ASS is being developed in C++ on Linux and Windows. There is no sourcecode available as of yet.


The game is being developed with exact physics in mind. Other games usually lean more towards a "Donald Duck"-type of physics - i.e. exaggerated turning-speed etc - while we will attempt to mimic reality as close as possible.

The following features are interesting:
Own multiple shipsNot uncommon in today's space-games, but we'll try to take it one step further.
A near-infinite universeGenerating an infinite universe is impossible, but generate - as needed - multiple galaxies and solar-systems is possible. Read more.
Player's developing storylineA player has his or her own storyline. The storyline is based on the jobs/quests the player takes, as well as which race, faction, guild, or corporation he/she is a member of.
Globally developing storylineThe storyline starts somewhere, and progresses universally towards a goal. A new player will find him-/herself at the point in the storyline it currently is. In the beginning there might not be much explored space, or the choice of ships might be small. All the various alien races might not yet have been discovered.
CorporationsA player can become employed in a corporation. He will get a job with specific duties, and will perform this for pay. The player might start his own small company, employ other players, join bonds with other companies to create universal conglomerates.
StocksThe abillity to own stocks in corporations. The stock-price increases as the corporation does well, or decrease if it doesn't. It should be possible to play the game without actually plaing the game.
ScriptsAll functions should be scripted. It should be possible for the player to create new or alter existing scripts. An example; someone creates a script that detects certain elements in asteroids better than the original. Scripts might even enhance ships' abilities. Scripts could be sold on the market.
GovernmentsThe various governments have their own agenda. They can hire players, corporations, guilds, and even entire factions to do their work.
A.IThe game should have A.I-controlled NPCs who perform actions similar to players, i.e. take part in combat, buy/sell stocks or items, hire or be hired by players, etc.
TeamsUsually called guilds in other games. Can contain players not necessarily in the same corporation. Basically a group of friends who like to play together.
PartiesCreated on the fly to carry out assignments. Similar to parties in other games.
Alien racesThere will be several alien races in the game. Not all, or maybe neither, of them will be discovered in the beginning of the storyline. The races might be friendly, neutral, or hostile towards each other.
FactionsIn the various races there will be factions. These factions might be friendly, neutral, or hostile towards each other. A faction in one race might be friendly towards a faction in an other race, even though the races are at war.
ReputationPlayers, corporations, guilds, factions, and races all have reputation with each other. If you perform a job well for a faction, your reputation with that faction might increase, and vice-versa. If you perform badly, or attack a member of the other faction, your reputation will plummet.
PVPPVP is a hot issue. Some want only PVP, some don't want PVP at all, and some want some of both. There are many ways to deal with this. We could have a 100% free-for-all PVP-universe where everybody can attack everybody, a universe completely devoid of PVP, or realistically something in-between. PVP could be toggle-based. Flag yourself as PVP and others may attack you if they please, and you them. This will enable people who don't want to engage in PVP to play the game without interferance. Another solution is to have PVP-areas you'd be flagged for PVP if you ventured into them. Or the universe could be completely open for PVP, but the game-mechanics discourages people from attacking defenseless players. This could be achieved by having guards in "known"-space, or zoning them in when an attack is in progress. It could also make a dent in the player's repute with a faction, eventually making the player shoot-on-sight with guards, space-stations, and even other players.
Voice-chatMany players today use TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, or other forms of VOIP while they play games, to help them organise their team's combat. To have this built-in might make it easier for people to venture into this type of communication, and it won't be necessary to run third party software.
Webcam supportTies in with voice-chat. Wouldn't it be nice to see who's attacking you? Might be a bit to bandwidth-intensive to stream live video client -> server => clients, but we could utilize webcams during generation of the player's avatar. Might not be that bad to stream video while the player is docked at a space-station. Developed by The Geekhouse An ERRORS Production A.S.S Support This Project