ASS: Another Space Simulator

A.k.a. Another Space Shooter, Another Space Shoot-em-up...


Just when you thought you were safe from all those crappy Elite-wannabe space-sims... ASS will contain what was great in Elite and the other major space-sims, but not what sucked in the other clones. It's a project to create a game set in a huge, persistant, space-environment with multiplayer capabilities, realistic movement with correct physics, trading, fighting, exploring, alien races, evolving technology, large number of objects - such as galaxies, solar-systems, suns, planets, asteroids and other space junk, ships and space-stations, guilds, corporations, ownership of multiple ships, space-stations, etc, you name it...

ASS isn't supposed to be an Elite-clone. There are several out there already, but unfortunately they are usually lacking in some areas we think are important. The idea is to create a game that attempts to capture the excitement we felt when we played Elite and its sequels - but expanded to include features we felt were missing. Multiplayer-support for example. Many Elite-clones had many of the features, but they usually focused too much on fighting and not enough on trading and exploring. In A.S.S. you should be able to do what you want to do. If you do want to roam the universe looking for a fight, than so be it.

Supported systems

ASS is being developed on and for Linux and the Win32 platform and will of course be ported to other operating-systems - by us or others. One of the good things about Open Source is that people can port software to other platforms if they want to. Hopefully we'll pave the way by making A.S.S. easy to port.


ASS is being developed by, The Errors, and a few close friends.


If you are interested in contributing to this project please check out our project page on SourceForge. Right now the development is at such an early state, so there isn't much anyone can contribute with at the moment. Email the developers, or leave a message on the messageboard if you have ideas or requests for features in the game. When we have released the first trial-version we'll open everything up - including the internal discussion/remblings-pages. Developed by The Geekhouse An ERRORS Production A.S.S Support This Project